Nov 25, 2016


A Day at Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Bakti, Kota Belud

"Do you know it is harder to receive than to give? The thought of how you'll ever be able to reciprocate is still a commonplace even for a little kid." Josephine said to Nicholas and me. She told us stories about the orphanage homes they visited for the past years. Putting aside religion and race, they organised trips to visit orphanage homes after gathering living necessities from friends and family. All hoping to ease the burden of the orphanage and bring joy to the children.

Nicholas and I joined this year's visit to Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Bakti in Kota Belud, located at the West Coast Division of Sabah. After an hour and a half drive, the home appears at the right of a narrow road trail, barely the width of one car.

Darul Bakti is a home to 50 children ranging from 5 to 19 years old, comprising mostly orphans and children from underprivileged background. Children from poor families came to Darul Bakti to pursue an education that many of us take for granted these days.  A week before we visited, we gathered necessities such as food, school supplies, medical and household items.

We didn't know that there were teens among the children. Based on their awkward faces, don't think they were impressed with the colourful Ultraman and Spider-man bags that we brought that day 😂  #toocoolforschool

While we're packing up to leave, I caught a glimpse of a little boy hugged the water bottle that we gave out so tightly and flying in joy. His smile truly makes my heart melt! All my worries seem so insignificant at that time. I got lost in thoughts about what I could have, what I would have and what I should have done differently in the last two months. I'm still working things out but for now, I will choose to be happy, contented and embrace these challenges!! 💛 Signing off to catch the Black Friday Sales now, see you soon!

"The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don't wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope,you will fill yourself with hope." - Barack Obama
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Oct 12, 2016

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Say Cheese with Anchor

With low-carb aka healthy eating lifestyle craze going strong, bread is out for some. But for someone who grew up eating warm, soft pandesal (Filipino bread rolls) like me, it is just a big no-no. I can on a vegetarian diet but I don’t think I can survive by not having bread. 

One of my go-to place to get bread in Kota Kinabalu is Port View Euro Bakery. They are known for fresh daily baked pastries without using preservatives and artificial flavouring. Recently, they hosted Anchor Say Cheese campaign in their Damai branch and unveiled an exclusive series of European flair bread and cakes using Anchor cream cheese, cream, butter and milk.

There are plenty of dairy brands in the market, but what makes Anchor so special is that their products are made from the freshest dairy produce from New Zealand, making it healthier and yummy.

Following its successful Japanese-inspired pastries last year, there are four signature creations this year with a European flair, namely First love, Lady marmalade, Cheeznie and Almond Rosa.

From left: First Love & Lady Marmalade at RM2.80 per piece, Cheeznie and Almond Rosa at RM6.00 per piece

  • First love - soft, subtle and satisfying bun filled with brown sugar cream cheese 
  • Lady Marmalade - don't be intimidated by its orange candied peel on the top. It has a great balance of sweetness with a orange cream cheese filing inside
  • Cheeznie - when you can't choose between a brownie and a cake, try Cheeznie! A two delectable layers of chocolate walnut brownies with cream cheese in the middle. Definitely my favourite!
  • Almond Rosa - a classic nutty almond butter sponge cake with rich layers of sugar and cream cheese filling, simply perfect when paired with a cup of tea 

From left: Chef Foo, owner and chief baker at Port View Euro Bread and his wife,
Anchor's representatives, Mr. Chua and Desmond

These scrumptious bread and cakes are available at selected bakeries throughout the country from now until December 2016. Get a cute limited edition heart-shaped spoon when you buy 2 cakes!

Go give it a try and let me know which is your favourite! xo
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Dec 23, 2015

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hitz Super Secret Party with Wong Fu Productions

Dear diary,
Attended hitzfm Super Secret Party with Wong Fu Productions and Jinnyboy. The only word I could describe is STARSTRUCKEDDDD~ Thanks to Dino from Breeze Magazine, I was very lucky to be given passes to this secret party. Strangers, again is the very first Wong Fu YouTube video that I watched and since then, I've been stalking following them. So you could say I was pretty excited about it!

Honestly, this is really the most memorable experience ever. I've been watching their videos for so long and able to meet them up so close in person really made me super duper happy. A big thank you to hitzfm Sabah for bringing Wong Fu to Kota Kinabalu!

Anyhow, here's a recap of the party last week!

Media session with JinnyBoy and Wong Fu Productions
Made up of Wesley, Philip and Ted, the trio are known for making short films, music videos and web series. Their signature videos are mostly about relationships such as the romantic short film " The Last" and now from YouTube to big screen, their first feature film - Everything Before Us. If you're not a fan of lovey dovey videos, you could watch their OFFLINE web series for some laugh.

The media session was fairly short, but it was still awesome to get to meet them so close, get to know more about their inspiration and their daily musings. I wish I record the entire media session so that I could replay it everyday. Please don't judge me :p

Shhh~  Don't tell anyone! It's a Super Secret Party
It's true that enthusiasm is contagious! With the presence of cheerful and upbeat hitzfm crew, the party was fun-packed and made everyone feel at ease. Everyone gets a chance to take a polaroid photo with Wong Fu and Jinnyboy, Q&A session, autograph signing session and got home with bag full of hitzfm goodies. Did I mention there's free food too? *giggles*
Rock, Paper & Scissors battle hitzfm style ;)
Left: When Christine meets Christine ; Right: Wesley Chan *grins*
I love how Christine talked about dealing with insecurities. Oftentimes we think that we're not good enough and get stuck in our very own inner critic. Then we soon have to realize that being willing to put ourselves out there is already an accomplishment for trying, making progress and coming so far from where you started. 

Jinnyboy also mentioned that it has always been his passion to tell stories and create animations. Although most of us know him from his popular video "Ah Wing, Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman", he said that it was not his first video but one of the few hundreds videos that he created and uploaded on YouTube until he was recognized. 

All in all, the party was not just a merely fans gathering but also a meaningful sharing session that we could learn from Wong Fu and Jinnyboy. 

Definitely a good note to self to never stop learning, trying and never let insecurities hold you back. Not everyone gets to do what they want to do, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try. So keep trying and don't give up if that is what you love. 2015 is coming to an end, so what are your goals next year? :) 
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